Amber Lea Starfire

Amber Lea Starfire is an author, editor, and creative writing coach with a passion for helping others tell their stories. An active member of Napa Valley Writers, she has published two memoirs—Accidental Jesus Freak: One Woman’s Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom and Not the Mother I Remember: A Memoir, finalist for both the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the 2013-2014 Sarton Women’s Literary Awards. Her nonfiction books include Journaling Through Relationships, Journaling the Chakras, Week by Week: A Year’s Worth of Journaling Prompts & Meditations, and Publish Yourself! Amber is also co-editor of the award-winning anthology, Times They Were A-Changing: Women Remember the ’60s & ’70s, and her creative nonfiction and poetry have appeared in numerous anthologies.

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