Beth Nelsen

Local graduate of NVCC who went on to earn a BA in Philosophy from UCLA and a MA in Film & Television, Directing Documentary from the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Nelsen first worked for Lee Grant in New York City producing shows for the Lifetime Television for Women channel and realized her passion was in documentary. Later she would live in Australia where she earned her Master’s. Beth returned to Napa in 2012 after years of extensive travel and has since made 2 features, including Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers (completed in 2013), which went on to a very successful global tour as well as remaining in the number one spot for several weeks on Hulu in 2014. Editor on At Your Cervix, (feature 2020), and several other credits. Currently she is involved with Native American communities, collaborating on storytelling. Beth is passionate about giving voice to underrepresented communities and currently works with various local non-profits to produce videos for them. She excels in helping businesses get their ideas from their heads to the screen. Most recently she covered the Pride flag raising, where she played an instrumental part in getting the County to raise 7 flags and also the Global Climate Strike. These videos can be viewed on her YouTube channel: DiversityWatchNapa

Where are you willing to work?

Willing to work in...: Anywhere in Napa County

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