Carol Rosemond

Carol Rosemond paints brief moments of magical light, blazing sunsets, ever-changing moods and seasons, and wild vistas untouched by the hand of man. She paints in the style of photo-realism, using multiple thin layers of oil paint on canvas, “Painting allows me to truly absorb the perfection of nature as I focus on minute detail during the completion of a piece. As an artist, the ultimate challenge is to take such well-explored subjects as landscapes and seascapes, and show them from my own perspective. It is an attempt to visually grasp the essence of the ocean and its environs and to display its allure for all to see. The scenes which most resonate with my spirit are found in the delicious solitude of a haunting fog, the mystery of twilight, or a sunlit stretch of lonely beach.”

*I am honored that one of my paintings has been selected to be included in “The de Young Open,” an upcoming show of work by artists from the nine Bay Area Counties. From 11,518 entries,881 works by 763 artists were chosen. Due to the pandemic, the show will be scheduled when the SF Health Department allows the museum to open.”

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