Francine Kohn

Francine Kohn is an artist, art educator, and energy healer. Her acrylic and oil paintings of color, light and movement bridge what we think is real with the vibrations of how reality is. The images appear to move across the canvas. Her use of patterning can affect an altered, hypnotic state. Many share feeling more connected to their inner spark by viewing her art. Francine has a growing list of admirers and collectors. She used the same energies that are used in making her art to reverse life-threatening paralysis and blindness in 2010. you/fbclid=IwAR2X6evfUzZbvARnnCHopAmDwjbazwpK3YmD9s2RyD67N4x3lFn5i5gREd4 She wants to encourage and hopefully inspire others to use their inner resources by sharing her interactive art process and her story (you get to make your own inner power art, if you want to.) Francine studied painting techniques privately with Art Holman, color-field painter, Dr. Ali Akbar Khan, Hindustani vocal, and classical violin. She studied personal development as it grew from est, to chanting, to conscious channeling. Ms. Kohn teaches project-based, open-ended art and healing classes from children to seniors. She loves music, walks, dogs, water, food, science fiction books, and personal development. Today she paints at her Yountville studio, develops and delivers temporary, community art empowerment projects. Please contact her if you would like to partner with her.

Where are you willing to work?

Willing to work in...: American Canyon, Calistoga, Deer Park, Napa, Oakville, Pope Valley, Rutherford, Saint Helena, Yountville, Anywhere in Napa County

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