Janice Peterson

Janice’s creative spirit is sensitized to the changing elements around her. Her artistic processes ignite when the morning sunrise casts its first rays across the landscape and fires up the pigments in nature. Her camera is a constant companion to capture these moments of light that reveal textures and colors giving life to inanimate objects. All Janice’s art work is based from her own photographs. She works in mediums of acrylic, graphite, charcoal and mixed media. Janice developed called photobreach. In this process she pulls forms from within the photograph out onto the mat that frames it by painting directly on the mat. Janice claims one of her biggest influences as an artist was her Father who was a printer. While growing up she worked in her Father’s print shop as a graphic artist. Other influences included the late John William Waterhouse because of his romantic narratives derived from greek mythology and Bev Doolittle’s ingenious creative nature and her illustrative style. These influences can be seen in her work. Janice’s style is identifiable with her strong sense of structure and detail, with her bold expression in vibrant colors, with her playful exaggeration of textures and perspective. Janice’s goal as an artist is to create art that allows room for viewers to interpret. She believes an individual draws from their own life experiences to interpret what they see which leads to unique connections between viewers and her art.

Where are you willing to work?

Willing to work in...: American Canyon, Angwin, Calistoga, Deer Park, Napa, Oakville, Pope Valley, Rutherford, Saint Helena, Yountville, Anywhere in Napa County

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