Joanna Mittman

Joanna Mittman grew up in Chicago and Paris and now lives in Napa, California. Her mother is an artist and her father is a mathematician, but Joanna was stubbornly uninterested in both of those disciplines; she instead chose a more left-brained path and became an attorney. After retiring from the law, Joanna enrolled in art classes at her local community college and fell in love with printmaking, and especially with ink monotypes. She now blends art and mathematics by creating black and white abstract monotypes, which she then cuts, folds and builds into multifaceted 3D geometric mobiles, relief map inspired wall art, and jewelry. Joanna has participated in group shows in Napa and Sonoma, had solo shows in Napa and Yountville, and has shown her work at the Galeria Casa Diana in San Miguel de Allende.

Inspired by the artists and mathematicians in my life, my art combines the random unpredictability of abstraction with mathematical and geometric precision. I create black and white abstract oil monotypes, which I then cut, fold and build into geometric 3D mobiles and wall art inspired by relief maps. I am fascinated by the five shapes known as the Platonic Solids,which Plato posited must be the fundamental building blocks of nature. My 3D pieces blend the solidity and order of geometric shapes with the natural beauty and chaos of the classical elements, represented by the movement of the ink on the plate.

Where are you willing to work?

Willing to work in...: American Canyon, Angwin, Calistoga, Deer Park, Napa, Oakville, Pope Valley, Rutherford, Saint Helena, Yountville, Anywhere in Napa County

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