Kathy A. O'Neal

Kathy A. O’Neal has been photographing for 35 years. She feels that her style has finally developed. When reviewing her vast body of work from her university years to present, one can sense the immense composition and graphic design that makes her images complex. Her complex images have hidden gems long after the first look. Ms. O’Neal received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a major emphasis in Photography from the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Ms. O’Neal has been a featured artist in many one-woman shows. Her work includes photographs of wineries from around the world, architectural details of famed landmarks and landscapes from remote locales.

Artist Statement

All photographic images presented here are made with an analog camera. My preference to photograph with film comes from my respect for the art of photography.The enormous effort to present museum quality silver gelatin images begins with the proper film, using only Kodak film and printing on Ilford photographic paper. The production process of each image includes using only 100% acid free rag for the matting with UV glass completing the process. Limiting my production of the final printed image to an Edition of Five (5) allows the collector to possess a unique piece of art. One looks to past photographic artists who have laid the groundwork for future photographers. Edward Stieglitz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams to name a few who have inspired me. Their influence is revealed in m

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Where are you willing to work?

Willing to work in...: American Canyon, Angwin, Calistoga, Deer Park, Napa, Oakville, Pope Valley, Rutherford, Saint Helena, Yountville, Anywhere in Napa County

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