Lowell Downey

Photography, multi-media presentations, video documentary and producing art experiences is the world that I live in. My photography is featured in locations throughout the valley and beyond. I have had museum exhibitions and my work is in private collections. With my business partner, Janna Waldinger, we moved Art & Clarity, our full-service multimedia company, from San Francisco to Napa in 1994. I’m happy to have raised my son here in Napa, put him through the Waldorf school and to see him exploring the world to graduate from San Francisco State with a double degree in biologyy/zoology and philosophy. I teach photography at the Napa Valley College. Contact me for art commissions, portraits, business branding needs, and events. My aerial photography was selected for the exhibition Wine Country Fires. This series is about resiliency of the earth in hopes that we may find resiliency in ourselves to overcome the disaster and toll the fires have taken personally and socially. My hot air balloon adventures cover flights in Bolivia, Chile, Dubai, India and Switzerland. Ask about my documentary photography tours and experiences. My clients include businesses and wineries throughout Napa County, Napa Valley Life Magazine, Clinic Ole, Doctor’s Company, Queen of the Valley, law firms, private individuals and families, and corporations around the United States and Europe. I have two photographic series now in progress: Random/Impossible, and Conversations With.

Where are you willing to work?

Willing to work in...: Anywhere in Napa County

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