Penelope Moore

Penelope Moore is an established American painter from Napa Valley, California, most recently based in Northern Italy, whose work is dedicated to Abstract Expressionism as a conduit for conveying flavor. Penelope received her BFA in Fine Art Painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2004.

As an Abstract Expressionist with roots in the food and wine industry, Penelope’s passion lies at the intersection of art and taste; to express the essence of flavor onto canvas. She has a rare form of Synesthesia where she visualizes flavor as color, pattern, texture and emotion. With her unique ability to experience flavor, she taps into her formal art training as a creative means to communicate and brings taste to life as an immersive visual performance.

Known for her “Art of Taste” events in Italy and in the US, she curates multi-sensory experiences to create live action paintings that combine gastronomy and fine art into curated experiential productions. Penelope’s intention is to engage the viewer, create an impactful connection of emotion and memory. She has worked closely with chefs, wineries, musicians and art-driven brands such as Mercedes Benz, LVMH, Champagne Laurent-Perrier and Anthropologie in developing her immersive experiential concepts.

As the Art Curator behind Acumen Wine Gallery, Penelope aims to establish Napa Valley’s newest Contemporary Art Gallery in Downtown Napa as a destination for high end fine art and wine.

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