Opportunities for Creatives

The Opportunities Board is a place for Creatives to look for work, professional development offerings, RFQs, and more. Make sure to check back regularly! You never know when someone will have a need for your skill set.

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It also offers a place to post if you're looking to hire a Creative. Need a stand-in bassist for your band on the weekend? Post here. Have upcoming auditions? Post here. Want private painting lessons? Post here. It's free to post, all we ask is that you pay your Creative. If you wouldn't work for free, they shouldn't have to either.


posted title organization city deadline
10/05/2021 The Art Of Monteque Artist Open Call For Submissions Drexel 09/24/2024
10/05/2021 2021 ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival Los Angeles 10/23/2021
10/05/2021 Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency Oakland 10/29/2021
10/04/2021 Dance in Schools & Communities (DISC) Accompanist San Francisco 10/30/2021
10/04/2021 Dance in Schools & Communities (DISC) Teaching Artist San Francisco 10/30/2021
10/04/2021 Artist Finances: Tax Planning ONLINE 02/22/2022
10/04/2021 Artist Finances: Financial Literacy ONLINE 02/15/2022
10/04/2021 Archiving Series: Archival Storytelling - 1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10 ONLINE 02/10/2022
10/04/2021 Inside a Grant or Residency Panel Process ONLINE 11/04/2021
10/04/2021 Grantwriting For Artists - November 2, 9, 16, 30 ONLINE
10/04/2021 Archiving Series: Black Art is Eternal — Securing, Creating, and Sustaining Your Archival Legacy - 10/27, 11/10 ONLINE 11/10/2021
10/04/2021 Social Media Manager - Dry Farm Wines Napa 10/26/2021
10/04/2021 Administrative Assistant, Arts and Humanities Napa Valley College Napa 10/19/2021
09/20/2021 Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism NATIONAL 12/31/2022
09/20/2021 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant NATIONAL 12/31/2022
09/20/2021 Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency San Francisco 10/29/2021
09/20/2021 VIA Art Fund Artistic Production Grant NATIONAL 10/25/2021
09/20/2021 The Recharge New Surrealist Prize NATIONAL 10/19/2021
08/02/2021 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant International 12/31/2021
08/02/2021 Awesome Foundation Grant NATIONAL 12/31/2021
07/28/2021 Smack Mellon Studio Program Open Call Brooklyn 11/22/2021
07/28/2021 Art Business Workshops VIRTUAL 12/31/2021
07/28/2021 2021 ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival: Filmmaker Open Call Southern CA 10/23/2021
06/30/2021 Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism Grant ONLINE 12/31/2021