A Sustainable Creative Life: Community and Opportunities (April 4 & 11)

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A Sustainable Creative Life: Community and Opportunities (April 4 & 11)


Mondays, April 4 and 11
7-8:30pm ET

General Admission $50
Subsidized Admission: $25*


In this two-part workshop, Sharon Louden will offer visual artists strategies to engage their communities and demonstrate pragmatic approaches to sustaining a creative life. Louden will share the expertise she has gained through collaborations and conversations with gallery owners, museum professionals, critics, curators, nonprofits, residencies, academics and others in different art communities. Louden draws on examples and models from the front lines of the visual arts landscape collected on two extensive book tours, daily conversations and interactions, as well as a long career as an educator and leader. The workshop series is specifically designed to empower artists, demonstrate pragmatic approaches to sustaining a creative life, and demystify the “artworld.” This workshop will provide a close look at the topics below and we recommend that artists have taken either A Sustainable Creative Life: Relationships and Ecosystems or another workshop with Sharon Louden in the past.


Topics will include:

Best practices to engage communities of artists online
Activating and engaging your network over time
Methodologies to create opportunities and work together
Specific examples of what artists and arts professionals are doing to survive, create, and thrive
How to collaborate with museums, nonprofits and other arts organizations
Exploring what a “post-exhibition” world can look like
In addition, there will be multiple touch-points of correspondence between Sharon and participants throughout the duration of each part that will include extensive sharing of documents and answering of questions. In between these sessions, participants will have access to an online forum where they can stay in touch, share information and resources, and build community outside of the class sessions.


Workshop Dates

Session One: Monday, April 4, 7-8:30pm ET

Session Two: Monday, April 11, 7-8:30pm ET