After Before

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After Before


What came before shifts with all that comes after. Time breathes with us.

When we turn around tomorrow what will we see today? When the blinds of yesterday are lifted, do we see that the windows remain closed?  What lies in the fissure between now and not now?

Curator, Joy Miller

For the online exhibition, After Before, AML Space invites work that explores themes related to disjointed time, the nature of events that demarcate eras, the nature of such demarcations, and, the complexities intrinsic to the mortal relationship with time.

Send up to 3 images of original work, studio or, curated image searches. Send original sound files under 1 minute in length or links to audio and video. Send up to 5 original, previously unpublished, poems or 1 short story (fiction/non-fiction) under 1,500 words, hyperlink-lit or lists; lists of poignant, funny, thoughtful or arbitrary nouns, shopping lists, wish lists, to-do’s, etc.

Please include your Bio and full description of work submitted.

AML Space alternates between two-month group exhibitions and one-month exhibitions featuring one artist, musician, and writer. Submissions not included in one-month shows will be considered for the following group exhibition. After Before will be a one-month feature exhibition.