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Book Cover Artist (Contract) - Curious Curls Publishing



Curious Curls is looking for a Book Cover Artist for several upcoming projects. These are short contract opportunities. We are a very small press and can only provide pocket change ($80) for each individual project. If you are an art or graphic design student who wants an opportunity to get involved on a project or have a resume-builder, this might be a great opportunity for you in particular.



Curious Curls Publishing is a small and relatively new literary press. Our goal is to help writers get published, with a focus on works that evoke creativity and curiosity.


Current Projects

Some details for each project can be found below. More details for specific projects will be provided upon interview/meetup. We prefer to see what work you already have in your portfolio that might match the style or themes we interested in. Please submit even if you are unsure of what we are looking for; sometimes it simply takes seeing artwork to realize what would work best. We may also update this posting as we find art styles we like in other venues, but there are a broad range of ideas included. We want our artists to have a lot of freedom.



Looking for a cartoony, but playful/devilish/seductive artistic style.
Specifically looking for artists able to create male lips and flames.
Open to different approaches, though simplistic solid/gradient colors may work best.
Some images of similar style may be found by looking at the following anime openings on YouTube: “Kakegurui” and “The Great Pretender.” Both have simplistic, popping, and energetic styles.

Looking for fantasy-themed cover.
Nature scenes, such as woods, waters, or port towns possibly. Especially painted scenery.
Interested in seeing magical powers, especially those of natural elements.
Some book covers we like: The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper by A. J. Fitzwater



Candidates should be communicative and email back-and-forth regularly. The deadline for the book art will be 3-4 weeks from hire for our first project. The second project in the works has a larger timeline to work with of 1-2 months.
Candidates should be open to a Zoom session or two, where details about the project can be discussed. One session maybe be prior to hire.
Artist should be familiar with managing DPI, image file types, creating images to fit certain measurement requirements, etc.
Your name will be included on the back cover and on the information page of the book. You will also be listed on our website and social media. While not required, we would love to have artists be featured on our YouTube channel and TikTok.
Illustrations are the only required component of this task (we do not need you to also create the text for the book). We are open to text designs and can compensate you additionally if we like your design, however.

Send a portfolio of your work or link to your work.
Send a resume.
A brief cover letter/email-paragraph is optional, but preferred.
Preferred candidates are open-minded, friendly, understanding, and…curious!
If you are interested in this position, please email a resume and a cover letter to Applications will be accepted until filled. LinkedIn applications will NOT be accepted. Due to a large number of applicants, we may not be able to respond to every applicant. If we are interested, you can expect hear back from us within a month.