Call for Composer (sound/multimedia artist)

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Call for Composer (sound/multimedia artist)


Brief project overview:

Thingamajigs presents East Bay: Redline Redefined, a series of audio narratives that explore the cruel history and lasting effects of redlining. Commissioned artists who live in redlined neighborhoods will create audio pieces that allow the listener to walk through communities affected by redlining.

Organization background:

This project was developed in response to COVID-19, and the many ways it made pre-existing injustices between Bay Area populations all the more visible. Our goal is to utilize a medium that allows for a socially-distance, intimate tour of the East Bay, curated by local artists and in collaboration with community members. While we hope this project will prompt folks from all over the Bay Area to consider their relationship to redlining, we’re designing East Bay: Redline Redefined to be a true community effort–to educate, invigorate, and creatively inspire immediate locals.

Project Goals:

We are looking for sound/multi-media artists who currently reside in formerly redlined areas in the East Bay.

If you have a proposal for an audio piece that deals with redlining in your neighborhood, please apply below.

Can include visuals, but must have an audio component.


Jan 29 – Submissions from artists due

March – Decisions made and artists are contacted

September – Project launched


East Bay, preferably in a formerly redlined neighborhood.


Most commissions will range between $1,000 – $2,000 depending on scope of project.


Are you interested in joining our project? Want to help bring awareness of this terrible practice that still affects people today?

Apply below and we can start a conversation, and if you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Main point of contact: Erica
Apply Now
Expires: 2022-01-30