Communications Associate - Destiny Art Center

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Communications Associate - Destiny Art Center


Title: Communications Associate (part-time)

Reports to: Deputy Director (Institutional Advancement)

Salary: $30,000

20 hours a week (pro-rated PTO, no medical/dental benefits)



Destiny Arts Center is seeking a part-time Communications Associate to join a community of talented professionals dedicated to the power of the arts to transform the lives of young people, families, and communities.

Destiny Arts Center’s mission is to inspire and ignite social change through the arts. For over 35 years, Destiny has been committed to supporting young people as they develop their skills as artists, global citizens, and advocates for peace in their communities and beyond. Through dance and martial arts, young people learn to perform and express themselves, overcome challenges, and connect with others. Destiny partners with over  40 schools and organizations each year to bring programs to young people. At our North Oakland arts center, we offer pay-what-you-can afterschool, weekend, and summer programs. Our work is focused on creating safe and inclusive spaces for creative expression: welcoming and caring for every young person who joins us, providing opportunities to learn, grow, and heal, and using movement arts to forge meaningful transformation in our young people and collectively in our communities.

The primary responsibilities of Destiny Arts Center’s Communications Associate is to support the growth and awareness of the public’s knowledge and understanding of Destiny’s programs and mission, expand the organization’s visibility locally and nationally, and develop and realize methods to communicate with our current audience and build new ones. Supported by a marketing strategy consultant, Executive Director, program staff, Marketing and Development Committee of the board and others as identified.