Ecology & Folk Art

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Ecology & Folk Art


For California artists
Seeking artist with an ethics or interest in sub/urban ecology and a passion to contribute to a vision of cities that are less like toxic mall parking lot and more like garden, farm, orchard, forest, meadow, and wild natural place.

We are commissioning art to adorn 100 swarm capture hives to deployed in trees and rooftops around our prototype city of Davis CA. Artist may not necessarily be located in Davis to apply.

We are an inclusive and supportive organization. Please feel confident to contact us with any interest at all, including mild curiosity or brilliant vision.

In addition we are inviting artists across the state to join our network for art-based pro-pollinator action. We ask for a name and email. We do not send spam to our art community, however when commissions and artistic projects come up, we send a brief and informative message.

Circle of Bees Inc is a start-up non-profit organized for art, education, and scientific purposes and with a public benefit mission to protect and expand beekeeping culture and pollinator habitat in places where people live.