In/Visible Talks 2020 - WORKSHOP - Charts & Crafts

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In/Visible Talks 2020 - WORKSHOP - Charts & Crafts


In/Visible Talks is a conference for creative professionals that celebrates the art of design. In 2020, we’re asking our speakers—and attendees—to GO BEYOND the expected perspectives, guardrails, materials, and thinking. The creative process isn’t always a linear one and there’s much to be gained by hearing how others have navigated the rich and variegated landscape of people, ideas, deadlines, and passion. Our programming focuses on fresh takes and honest talks about the process, inspiration, and challenges behind the creative practice.


This is a single ticket for the following workshop:

Charts & Crafts: Telling Stories with Everyday Objects – $150

facilitated by Michelle Rial

9am – 12pm at 184 Hooper St, San Francisco

In this workshop, you’ll experiment with telling short visual stories using the objects around you. This workshop will be taught by Michelle Rial, the author of “Am I Overthinking This? Over-answering life’s questions in 101 charts”. Her book was born out of an ongoing struggle with chronic repetitive strain injuries; many of the charts use real-life objects to help illustrate everyday ruminations.