Martin House Creative Residency Program

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Martin House Creative Residency Program


The Martin House Creative Residency Program is a newly established project-based residency that provides creative individuals a designated time and space to develop new works of the imagination inspired by one of the great examples of 20th century architecture. The primary goals of the program are to:

Nurture creativity by offering individuals from multiple disciplines a thought-provoking environment in which to produce works and present them to our community.
Expand interpretation of our site through active solicitation of diverse perspectives and voices.
Provide audiences across racial, ethnic, and economic lines an opportunity to discover and engage more fully with the Martin House and the creative arts.
Strengthen the Martin House and the region as a center for architecture, art, design, and culture.
The residency is a competitive program that is open to applicants who seek the resources to support ongoing projects or the creation of new work. Creative makers who are selected to participate will generally spend 2-4 weeks onsite either consecutively or incrementally within the specified residency term. Length of stay is project-based and determined by the needs of the applicant and in alignment with the Martin House schedule.

Residents are also expected to deliver a free public program, performance, exhibition, or other creative presentation in order to share their Martin House-inspired work with the larger public.

End-products may revolve around many of the themes central to the Martin House. Subjects of inquiry may relate to architecture, art, art history, landscape, building and design, social history, state and local history, issues of gender, race and class, modernism, urbanism, housing and gentrification, business and industry, the history of technology, cultural studies, engineering and applied sciences, for example.

Applications are accepted in two distinct categories:

Artists: The residency program supports the development and presentation of creative works representing a wide diversity of artistic styles and practices.
Researchers: The program also provides opportunities for writers, researchers, scholars, critics, and cultural theorists to publish texts or produce projects in various fields, specifically as they relate to Frank Lloyd Wright and the Martin House.
Individuals in all stages of their creative practice may submit proposals to the residency program from the following arts and humanities disciplines, including but not limited to: architecture, design, historic preservation, literature, music, dance, theater, film, and related areas of exploration. Creative makers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives are especially encouraged to apply.

Acceptance is competitive and based on the review of applications by a selection committee. The selection panel is composed of at least 4 members from the local and national community, as well as Martin House staff. Applications will be rated on the following evaluation criteria:

Artistic and intellectual merit of the proposal as covered in the project description, work samples, resume, and previous creative experiences.
Feasibility of the completion of the project as proposed and within the time and resources offered.
Relevance of the project to the stated goals of the Martin House Creative Residency Program.
Quality of the proposed public engagement program, performance, exhibition, or presentation inspired by the Martin House.

Application and guidelines at website link.