Media Production Assistant - Dry Farm Wines

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Media Production Assistant - Dry Farm Wines


About This Role

You will work directly with Shawn, Kayla, Ramzy, Yannik, Buckley, Scott, and Rush. They are a passionate bunch, working in all things creative and media. They have a deep obsession for producing world class media. They now need a media assistant who can join them in inspired creative expansion.

You will help with the day to day tasks of executing our creative media, including organizing photo shoots, sourcing props, categorizing photos, and helping empower our team to create the best possible media. It is a wonderfully rewarding and challenging department of the business that is always reaching new creative heights.

We’re already the world’s largest buyer and seller of Natural Wines. We source wines from passionate growers in countries all around the world. It’s our mission to communicate that message of pure Natural Wines, as well as create eye-catching ads, emails, box inserts, educational pieces, and more. More specifically, here are some (but certainly not all) of the responsibilities for this position

More specifically, here are some (but certainly not all) of the responsibilities for this position


Equipment & Set Management Unload and set up the cameras, tripods, lights, and other equipment the photographer will use for the session. Prepare the set according to the CD or DP requests and/or needs, including placing props, and adjusting light sources. Break down the set/studio and organize equipment to be ready for the next shoot.

Prop Sourcing & Management For shoots that require props, the media assistant will gather, prep, and organize those props from the prop room or source additional props. They will also be required to return all props to the prop room in an organized fashion.

Assist During Photo Shoots During the photo session, the media assistant follows the CD’s or DP’s instructions. This can require adding or removing props from the set, or changing settings on the camera and lights. The assistant may also take some shots themselves.

Calendar & Scheduling The media assistant will also keep track of our shoot calendar and scheduling to deal with any conflicts. They will also assist in preparing and distributing shot lists, wardrobe requirements, and general talent communications leading up shoot dates.

Edit Photos Using image editing software, the media assistant corrects blemishes in photos, including cropping photos and adjusting contrast, tone, or lighting. They also remove unwanted objects in the scene, apply digital filters, make color enhancements, and improve overall image quality.

File Management & Photo Distributing Part of a media assistant’s job involves making sure all photos/videos are filed and backed up correctly as well as distributing edited photos to the DFW team through our online photo gallery service.

Photo Sourcing The media assistant will also source photos for anyone within the DFW organization. This may include sourcing for design or marketing projects, AMOT, partner needs, or social media.

and more (ABCs … always be creating!)

Requirements To Apply
You must provide a portfolio of work
You must have at least 1 years real world experience in media/creative (preferably in production or photography)
Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, Lightroom (Classic & Mobile), Acrobat

Attributes of the ideal candidate

When we think about the ideal person for this role, a few attributes come to mind.

Here are the main ones ⭐️
Creative thinker
Great collaborator
Detail oriented
Effective time manager
Clear communicator
Systems thinker
Ability to work with minimal supervision
Comfortable multi-tasking and tracking multiple projects simultaneously
Knowledge of creative processes
Focused & diligent
Comfortable with an office work environment
Obsessed with design, art, and taste!
Able to travel
Loves animals (especially dogs)
Calm under pressure
Health conscious
High energy
Loves wine!