Napa Lighted Art Festival 2020

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Napa Lighted Art Festival 2020



We encourage artists and designers from all disciplines to submit and be part of the festival. Both artists and artist collaborative groups are encouraged to apply to have an installation featured at the Napa Lighted Art Festival.  For 2020, approximately 15 installations are being sought to receive a stipend between $2,000-$4,500. Artists interested in submitting a proposal should consider both the audience and the outdoor environment of the festival when proposing a project. Each artwork on the Napa Lighted Art Festival will be open and operational for all festival hours for each of the nine nights.

The festival supports the innovative techniques using light and light technologies as a growing art medium. Light itself in any form should be the actual artwork and we require that the role of light be essential to your concept. We are not looking for artworks where light is used only to illuminate it. As well as new ideas for artworks, we are open to receiving proposals to exhibit existing works, provided they meet the Festival themes and criteria.

The spirit of the Napa Lighted Art Festival embodies the following core concepts:

– Innovative
– Contemporary
– Uplifting
– Inspiring
– Imaginative

While the core concepts of the festival create the framework for the artwork displayed, the festival also designates a theme each year.  For 2020, artists are encouraged to submit work that embodies and explores the concept of Renew.  Artwork could represent or express any of the following concepts listed below:

– To give fresh life and strength
– To extend and prolong into the future
– To restore and rehabilitate our physical world
– To reestablish and reconnect with each other

Please visit the website link for more information on event and entry details.