Oak Spring Garden Foundation Residency

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Oak Spring Garden Foundation Residency


Oak Spring Garden Foundation Residency

In 2022 the Oak Spring Garden Foundation will host five separate five-week interdisciplinary residencies. Each session is designed to support eight artists who are pursuing work inspired by plants, gardens and landscapes. The goal of this residency program is to provide individuals with the time and space to pursue their own creative projects alongside other residents who may be examining the natural world from different perspectives.

WHO: Artists, conservation practitioners, researchers, scholars, scientists or writers

DATES: See website for session dates

LOCATION: Upperville, VA

DEADLINE: August 12, 2021

FINE PRINT: Applicants selected for this award will receive a $2,000 individual grant. The only requirement placed on residents after the initial introductory events is that they participate in a Residency Showcase during the final week of the residency. Learn more here.