On the Rise: Art, Action and Climate Justice

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On the Rise: Art, Action and Climate Justice


After decades of activism and multiple scientific studies that confirm the effects of climate change, we face now a global undeniable challenge to deal with the consequences of decades of environmental destruction.  Product of the impact of human actions on earth, climate change is a result of the increasing greenhouse gas emissions, the destruction of natural habitats, deforestation, pollution, animal agriculture, and contamination of soil and water. Drastically affecting life on earth, climate change will result in common floods, desertification,  the extinction of animal species, and also exacerbating the inequalities that already exist with the poverty of marginalized groups (such as indigenous communities around the world).

Elevating the power of art in climate justice, “On the Rise” it’s a platform to explore how we can collectively intervene on this subject. Therefore, considering contemporary art as a fundamental tool of communication to people, with the power to amplify emotions and generate thoughts and debates, this exhibition is developed to consider environmental solutions and let them inspire a collective attitude. Using art to inform, act and protest in this exhibition we aim to bring solutions to how collectively we can fight against climate change and environmental degradation. Perceiving art as a form of protest and catalyst for social change, “On the Rise” it’s an appeal for immediate action!


Submission Deadline: November 26th

Open call costs: $3 for students & $5 for regular artists. FEES GO TO FUNDING OUR CHILDREN’S SHELTER ART CLASSES!