Part-time, hourly Art Instructor

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Creative Instruction - DEADLINE :  
Part-time, hourly Art Instructor





Napa Valley College is soliciting applications for part-time, hourly Art instructors.The starting salary range is $59.96-$64.85/classroom hour, with future steps up to $75.86/classroom hour. Placement is based on verified previous college teaching or counseling experience.


Minimum Qualifications

Master’s in fine arts, art, or art history

OR bachelor’s in any of the above

AND master’s in humanities

OR the equivalent.

(NOTE: ”Master’s in fine arts” as used here refers to any master’s degree in the subject matter of fine arts, which is defined to include visual studio arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, textiles, and metal and jewelry art; and also art education and art therapy. It does not refer to the “Master of Fine Arts” (MFA) degree when that degree is based on specialization in performing arts or dance, film, video, photography, creative writing or other non-plastic arts.)

Please visit the application link for more details regarding this position- we look forward to reviewing your application!