Redwood City RFQ - “Women of the Future” Mural

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Redwood City RFQ - “Women of the Future” Mural


Project Overview

We are seeking a talented California artist to paint a full coverage mural which addresses the forward thinking theme of “women’s empowerment”.  The selected artwork should convey strength & energy and should inspire viewers.
From this RFQ, three artists will be selected and be paid a stipend to develop 1-3 concepts/renderings.  One of those artists/renderings will then be selected as the finalist to paint the mural.

The selected artist will be given as much creative freedom as possible but also needs to be open to working with us on site specific design challenges.


Three selected artists will receive a $500 stipend for their proposals
The finalist will receive a $15000 artist fee to cover design, materials, & installation

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