Senior Narrative Designer - Bad Robot Games

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Senior Narrative Designer - Bad Robot Games


Bad Robot Games is looking for a Senior Narrative Designer.  Play a key role in forging unforgettable stories.

As a Senior Narrative Designer, you are one of the key players in developing and realizing unforgettable game worlds.  We’re looking for someone who’s deeply skilled, but also a flexible generalist.  The ideal candidate will inspire with amazing ideas, but also work with all disciplines to break them down into realizable systems and actions.


Collaborate directly with team and project leadership to identify ambitious goals, create a timeline and plan to realize them.  Lead with a plan, but also by example as you own large features or aspects of the game world.
Bring emotional meaning to the game.  Draw on a large range of storytelling tools and techniques to make the story, the characters and the events matter.
Display a deep ability to apply traditional narrative techniques through systems, but also seek to innovate in new and emerging narrative forms.  Push boundaries and keep pushing.
Bring a consistency to language in both narrative design execution and in-world terminology; from front end text, to performance capture, and everything in-between.
Constructively critique and contribute to excellent realization in writing, lore, voice over and physical performance fields.  Make greatness happen.

A passionate, creative approach to telling great stories.  Self-motivated, with strong opinions and a desire to excel.
Demonstrated experience in developing engaging and unique interactive experiences.  3+ years contributing as a narrative designer, writer, and potentially other narrative-oriented role in game production at a senior level.  A variety of experiences are a plus.
Excellence in creative writing in all forms of game media, and a passion for breaking new ground in cross-media.
Ability to lay out and communicate information in a variety of mediums, including Miro and Google Suite.  Communicating an inspirational vision for narrative content.  Ability to present.  Listening skills.
Mentoring, supporting and growing other developers.

Experience of multiple genres
Unreal Engine or other in-engine experience