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Teaching Artists, SCRAP


SCRAP’s Mission

Our mission is to inspire creativity and environmental stewardship in children and adults by promoting the creative reuse of materials that traditionally have been discarded as waste, focusing on providing resources and programs to our under-served communities. At SCRAP, we believe that all youth deserve a high quality arts education, and that equal access to art materials and instruction should be available to everyone regardless of economic status.

Seeking Teaching Artists in the Visual Arts

We are seeking working teaching artists who work primarily in the visual arts to support our arts education program, SCRAP in a Box, which is administered during the fall, spring and summer semesters in multiple week units where relationships with students are central to the position. We work through partnerships with community organizations and afterschool programs with students from ages 5-17.
We want to work with teaching artists who are interested in working collaboratively with our programs department to design and develop curriculum utilizing repurposed materials from SCRAP and with lesson plans that relate to or emphasize environmental consciousness.
We would like applicants to have a demonstrated commitment to developing connections with students and who have the ability to develop hands-on visual arts projects that integrate critical thinking, individual learning skills, and collaborative communication.
Our teaching artists will be paid as independent contractors, and submit invoices for payment. Hours range from 10-25 hours per week.
We are looking for applicants who can teach both fashion design and general art classes. We serve students in subsidized public after school programs in the Bayview with 86% that identify as students of color. We are seeking candidates that can relate to our students, their culture and their values.


Available from 11-6pm, Monday through Friday
General arts education experience
Fashion design/sewing skills highly preferred
Spanish speakers highly preferred
Active in your art form on a professional level
Experience teaching visual arts to a diverse group of young people with an emphasis on K-5
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to collaborate on designing curriculum
Ability to work with partner programs and problem solve in onsite scenarios


To apply or request more information, please email or send your résumé to Danielle Grant. Please also include a cover letter, brief bio, examples of professional work, and any work that you have completed with students, as well as a sample project proposal. For more information about SCRAP in a Box, visit our website: https://www.scrap-sf.org/programs/scrap-in-a-box

Send Resumes to danielle@scrap-sf.org
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Expires: 2022-06-01