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Teaching Artists - Thingamajigs


Compensation Range: $75/hr plus materials

Thingamajigs is an artists non-profit looking to hire teaching artists for a myriad of programs we have: Thingamakids!, Community Workshops, and Jump StArt. We received funding from the California Arts Council and the City of Oakland.

Community Workshops in 2023: 

Lead your own community workshop at Shapeshifters Cinema in Oakland, CA.
Usually a one off workshop, but can discuss longer ones as well
These should be more casual and fun for workshop attendees.
Can be sound, art, or maker inspired
Workshops to happen in March 2023-December 2023

Jump StArt workshops in 2023: 

Create and lead your own music and art workshops for system impacted youth
Could be a one time workshop, or a short series.
Workshops can be in Oakland, or SF
Workshops to happen in May 2023-December 2023

Thingamakids! Workshops in 2024: 

Workshops will happen in OUSD schools during school hours.
We are looking for visual or sound artists to lead in-school workshops with students 4th-7th grade. Artists will go into the classroom as a pair (one visual artist, one sound artist) to design and create a sound sculpture with the students. These sculptures will be then displayed at the end of the school year, with all the other schools.
Must be able to travel and work in Oakland.
In-School residency will last between 1 month to 2 months.
Sometime between February-May 2024.
Public showcase in May 2024.

How to Apply: 

Please fill out our form, or send erica@thingamajigs an email stating which opportunity(ies) you are interested in, your resume, work samples, and workshop ideas.