The Arts & Culture Project Manager - Betti Ono

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The Arts & Culture Project Manager - Betti Ono


Betti Ono is an experimentally minded hub for art, culture, and community headquartered in Oakland, California. Our vision and creative practice embodies the bold, curious, and unapologetic spirit of our name-sakes Betti Mabry Davis and Yoko Ono.

We value art-making as a form and function of activism, self-determination, community transformation, and cultural resilience. We celebrate the culture of everyday people and focus our core work on participation, accessibility, and inclusivity. We are a Black led organization, dedicated to amplifying the work and voices of under-represented communities of color with a specific focus on serving women of color artists, and black and brown artists and youth.

The Arts & Culture Project Manager will be responsible for supporting and responding to our diverse community, exhibiting cultural competency, deep respect, and an ability to successfully engage an intersectional, racially, and culturally diverse audience. Central to this role is the planning and delivery of arts and culture projects and programs, on and off-site including digital and online engagement. You will be tasked with ensuring all projects are appropriately scoped, planned, and delivered on time and to budget. You will have a collaborative approach when working with arts and culture advisors as well as internal and external stakeholders to deliver excellent outcomes. Your key responsibilities in this role include project, relationship, and program budget management. Our candidate joins a collaborative effort, working with the Executive Director and team.

We seek a collaborative, experienced, and organized leader to be the frontline in Betti Ono’s interaction with our community. This part-time, contracted position offers a flexible schedule, opportunity for growth, and an adaptive leadership environment.


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