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For SF Bay Area artists

Root Division invites Bay Area artists responding to themes of exchange outside of a capitalist structure for an exhibition entitled Trueque curated by Samu Cortez. The exhibition will be presented in June 2020 at Root Division.

Oftentimes when we think about exchange, we think about the equal monetary exchange of goods. But what are the implications when exchange happens without following the guidelines of that system? What happens when alternatively there is an exchange of memories, cultures, feelings, shared knowledge or physical goods with others?

Trueque – meaning the non-capitalist exchange of goods – is an exhibition that focuses on the capacity of exchange outside of a capitalist system to create new and shared ideas, as well as shared collective spaces. Inspired by the guidelines of the artist collective Aguas Migrantes, “Trueque” will highlight the production of this alternative system through the lens of artistic practices by artists both here in the Bay Area and in Mexico. Coinciding with the US presidential primary debates in June, this project is also well timed to be an important contribution to the local, national, and international dialogue of value systems.

Artists working in all mediums welcome to apply.