VIA Art Fund Artistic Production Grant

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VIA Art Fund Artistic Production Grant


Artistic Production Grants are awarded twice annually to individual artists, nonprofit organizations, and institutions to support new artistic commissions that
take place outside museum or gallery walls, within the public realm, or in nontraditional exhibition environments. Individual artists or producing organizations seeking production funding must have a confirmed exhibition venue or presenting partner. Artistic Production funding ranges from $25,000 to $100,000 (can be lower than $25,000) per project, with grants at the upper levels of funding reserved for permanent or long-term installations, or newly commissioned works that may be gifted to a U.S. public collection. Artistic Production Grants are awarded to projects that best exemplify our three core values of Artistic Production, Thought Leadership, and Public Engagement:

I. Artistic Production
We champion the production of new work – from creation to exhibition, documentation, and dissemination – that reflects artistic excellence and innovation. When possible, VIA Artistic Production grants are made with the intention to gift the work to a US-based cultural organization, ensuring that VIAfunded artworks live on to encounter new audiences under the stewardship of public institutions.

II. Thought Leadership
We support the work of both established and emerging voices in contemporary art that bring new knowledge and dynamic avenues of understanding to the field. The creative output of these thought leaders generates entry points for dialogue and collaboration and fosters vital intellectual exchange.

III. Public Engagement
We promote work that penetrates social, cultural, geographic, and economic barriers to inspire and educate diverse and expanded audiences. These initiatives act as platforms for inquiry and investigation, generating meaningful collective experiences for the public.


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