Dec 11 2021
Napa County Library Presents Virtual Art Talk: The...

Napa County Library Presents Virtual Art Talk: The...

Presented by Napa County Library at Online/Virtual Space

Travel the ancient routes that provided goods, technologies, and ideas to countries and cultures from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. Before jet planes and smartphones, militia, merchants, monks, and pilgrims spent months, even years, traveling over perilous land routes to carry luxury goods and new ideas thousands of miles across civilizations. Luxury commodities such as silk, porcelain, paper, tea, jade, amber, spices, ivory, gunpowder, gold, and silver were carried across overland and sea trade routes known as the Silk Road. Religions and ideas, technologies and innovations also spread along these trade routes in all directions.

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2021/12/11 - 2021/12/11

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