Jeffrey Zalles

\\\"One for the Vine\\\"

I am an accidental artist.

Working as a website designer for various political and charitable
causes, a client asked me to create a logo for her organization. I
politely declined. Later, I thought about how nice it would be to have
that skill, so I downloaded a sophisticated digital art application similar
to Photoshop. After watching four hours of videos, I began to practice
what I had learned.

One day, my wife Jools walked into my office, looked at my monitor
and said: “That’s really cool. Did you do that?” And thus, my career as
an abstract digital artist began.

I love working on a digital platform. The opportunities to manipulate
shape and color are endless. I create layers upon layers, filled with
colors and textures, that I then blend to provide unique and
personalized visual effects. Most of my designs are comprised of
dozens of layers, each a creation of its own.

Having lived my years as a fervent consumer of art, I am now delighted
to call myself an artist. I hope you enjoy my work.

Where are you willing to work?

Willing to work in...: Anywhere in Napa County

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