You can look for an artist by name, or you can search for what you need and find everyone in the directory who can do that for you.

Every profile includes a photo and a biography or description of the their skill set. Just click on their profile photos to learn about them. See a badge beside someone's name? Badges identify local organizations or events that they've worked for in the past. This provides a seal of approval that they are capable.

Are you in Angwin and not sure if a Creative would be willing to work for you? You don't have to guess! The Creatives identify where in Napa County they are willing or capable of providing their work or skill set.

There are no referral fees. No strings attached. You and the Creative are free to decide if you want to work together, and what the terms of that look like.

Most importantly, we ask that you pay your Creative. Just as any other service or goods provider, you wouldn't expect to work for free, so neither should they. Have a job or want something done, but would prefer that Creatives apply with you instead of you searching for them? Contact us about posting on the internal Opportunities Board that only people on the Creative Directory can see!


Want to become a Creative Directory Hiring Partner?

We know you're proud to hire local Creatives, and they're proud to have worked with you too. Why not make it official by becoming a Hiring Partner and receive recognition through our badge system? Once an artist has worked for you or for your recognized event, you let us know and their profile is awarded a badge with your logo on it to remind people of their affiliation with your organization! It shows people that you hire local, and care about your community. Plus, it's free and easy to register for! Click the button below to email our CEO about this opportunity.




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