John Comisky

Hi, I’m John Comisky. Some think of me as a wildlife photographer (and I am), but I didn’t start out that way. Originally the subjects that pulled my eye tended to be landscapes, tricks of the moment, and worlds within worlds – subjects of beauty and meaning hiding in the upholstery of the background.
Then wildlife photography entered my life through my association with Napa Wildlife Rescue and has become prominent in my work. Now as I travel around the world, I try to capture the soul of both place and the lives lived there, narrated in the language of the eye.

This led to my capture of “Whale 2” in Antarctica, which won the Smithson Magazine’s 18th Annual Photo Contest – Natural World Category, in April 2021 and was published in the magazine. Based in Napa, I am a resident artist at the Art Association of Napa Valley’s Gallery at 1307 1st street, show at Jessel Gallery, have been published in Napa Valley Marketplace, Napa Valley Life, the Register and Outdoor California Magazine. I have been the Artist of the Month at the Napa Valley Library multiple times, have been honored with solo exhibitions at St. Supery Winery and the Cameo Theater, both featuring Napa Wildlife, and was recently Highly Commended by Photo Plus Magazine.

I have a large inventory of landscape, travel and wildlife photographs from around the world at and am available for local projects anywhere in the County.

Where are you willing to work?

Willing to work in...: Anywhere in Napa County

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