Lisa Gottfried

Lisa Gottfried, M.Ed., was recognized internationally for Innovation in Education with Blog Portfolios and the Global Create-a-thon for the last three years through She has also won the “Innovation in the Classroom” grant from the California Educational Research Association in 2015. She is currently an adjunct professor for Touro University, California in the Innovative Education Masters program. She has taught educators about using technology in the classroom through the Napa Learns Digital Innovators program. She adores all things Adobe as well as learning alongside her youth. Her favorite things to hear are “That is SO cool! How do you do that?” and “This is really hard, but I’ve GOT to figure it out!”

Gottfried has owned and operated her own video production company for 17 years, focusing on promoting wineries, entrepreneurs, book authors and the gourmet food industry. She has lived in the Napa Valley for 25 years.

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