Marissa Carlisle NVPS

As an artist, it is my experiences in the natural world that connect me to the mystery of unfolding moments. In this, I try to bring forth the intangible into the tangible, even as I turn 72 years old, I keep trying, reconciling the external with the internal. I aim for this in fine art photography, sculpture and poetry, practicing in all mediums, and choosing which might reach my human partners more successfully. In total, it seems to revolve around relationships, be it people to people, to land, to all living creatures, ‘great and small’. I love an overview,I am a conceptual artist. Nowadays, I repeat and remind myself a phrase of wisdom stated by 80 year old Northern California artist and sage, Joel Reber, while reflecting on these current times: “Meaning is the new luxury”. So, how do we find this meaning and how can we design it to bring us together to grow our stewardship to our planet and one another? I so hope that my current installation in partnership with the Napa Valley Photographic Society, placed at our local Jefferson St. Parks & Recreation’s Senior Center touches into ‘bringing us together”. I intend for the ‘Cycle of Life’ collages to be viewed in our 2020 Arts in April with a perspective akin to the age old Carter Family ballad “Can the Circle be unbroken…” song, “May the circle

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Willing to work in...: Anywhere in Napa County

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