What Lies Beneath

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What Lies Beneath


Theme: What Lies Beneath
Juror: Lisa Clague
Definition: Surreal: marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream, having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic:

We are looking for sculptural work in Clay that fits the definition of Surreal. Work that is born in the subconscious space between dreams and consciousness. Where the unreal can manifest itself in a fantastical way. Work that provides insight into the world of the imagined and unreal.

Juror: Lisa Clague The textural ceramics of Lisa Clague arouse wonderment and otherworldliness. Clague lists Hieronymus Bosch, Frida Kahlo, Louise Bourgeois, Hans Bellmer, and the Surrealists as her inspirations. Her three-dimensional sculptures and wall hangings examine inner journeys, oftentimes influenced by her dreams. Animals — monkeys, rabbits, and deer — often accompany her central figures. “My work evokes a place between the subconscious and the intangible. My hybrid figures have been influenced by prehistoric art, the “Great Mother” figurines from the Neolithic period, the animal-headed figures from the rock shelter of La Madeleine and also the bird headed Egyptian Goddesses and archaic Greek Kouros figures.” – Lisa Clague—-

Lisa Clague is an internationally known sculptor. She received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and her MFA from California College of Arts and Crafts. She has been the recipient of the North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship and the Virginia Groot Foundation Grant in 1999 and 2011. Clague’s work has been exhibited at the Macon Museum of Art, Georgia; the DeCordova Museum & Sculpture Park, Massachusetts; The John Elder Gallery, New York and The Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art, Arizona. Presently she is showing at the Momentum Gallery in Asheville and currently resides in North Carolina.

A Juried Exhibit @ Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts, open to all artists 18 and over residing in USA, All submissions must be made of Clay, open to functional and sculptural work.

You are invited to submit up to 3 of your original works, not previously show at Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts.

AWARDS: FIrst Place: $1,500.
Second Place; $1,000.
Third Pace: $500.