Anderson Center Residency Program

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Anderson Center Residency Program


The Anderson Center provides residencies of two to four weeks’ duration from May through October each year to enable artists, writers, musicians, and performers of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment to create, advance, or complete work. There are typically 5 residents at the Anderson Center at a time, and the organization hosts approximately 35-40 residents each year.

The program is one of the largest of its kind in the Upper Midwest. Since the Center opened in 1995, over 800 artists from 45 states and 40 countries have participated in the program. Residents have come from countries including Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, and Uganda.

Residencies begin on the 1st of each month and end on the second to last day of each month. If a residency is for two weeks, it will begin on the 1st or 16-17th of each month, and end on the 14-15th or second to last day of the month. There is no charge for the residency, and all food is provided. Outside of the Emerging Artist, Deaf Artists, & Public Artist programs, additional funding is not available at this time. Residents must arrange for their own transportation to the center, or to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, or to the train station in Red Wing.

The Anderson Center Residency Program was established by a working poet to support other artists and continues to be led by administrative staff with hands-on experience in the creative process. The Anderson Center trusts artists to best use their time to benefit their own work and reach their own goals. The expectation is that the program’s cohort model and distinctive setting, along with the gift of time and space, generates significant advancements in residents’ work.

As an interdisciplinary arts organization, the Anderson Center embraces artists who are diverse in every way. Since its inception, the organization has intentionally worked with artists representing a wide range of disciplines, with the belief that the exchange of ideas is generative. The residency program supports artists from around the world, representing a wide range of cultures, races, sexual identities and genders. The Center intentionally works to make space for people and ideas to comfortably come together and operates with a spirit of welcome for all.

For participating artists, the Residency Program creates connections within artist cohorts, as well as with other creatives and community members in Red Wing. The goal is that these relationships outlast the duration of the residency visit. The organization believes that the environment and resources of Tower View, along with fellowship and an exchange of ideas across disciplines, generates inspiration and new directions for the work artists create while in residence.


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