Awesome Foundation On the Water Grant

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Grants - DEADLINE :  
Awesome Foundation On the Water Grant


Monthly grants, rolling deadline!

The Awesome on the Water Chapter of the Awesome Foundation is delighted to receive your application. Please use the form below to submit an application.

We are especially drawn to proposals where a strong connection to the water has been established and where you can provide us with a clear sense of your project’s anticipated reach.

We are not in a position to accept submissions for specialized projects including water-well creation and water security initiatives that require scientific expertise or international auditing for evaluation.

Have questions? Would you be interested in helping us spread the word about our grants program? Write us at

Tips for applying:

  • Use your first sentence to tell us what you’re making. (You can explain in more detail later.)
  • Tell us where you’re located
  • Be brief (No one question should exceed 350 words)
  • Be specific
  • Tell us how your project relates to water and who will benefit

Thank you for applying!

Application and guidelines can be viewed on the resource website.