Career Coaching for Visual Artists

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Career Coaching for Visual Artists




Career Coaching for Visual Artists

  • Zero in on an area of focus that is best suited for your strengths
  • Get clarity on your purpose and direction.
  • Learn how to trust your inner guide
  • Master setting clear and healthy boundaries
  • Become and expert at prioritization and creating a manageable workload
  • Feel confident to share your voice, and your work authentically
  • Create a network of like-minded creative professionals who inspire you

Schedule a 60 minute 1:1 Career Strategy Consultation

Here is what we will do during the 60 minute session:

1. Create a crystal clear vision of the work you want to be doing, and figure out what’s needed to make it happen.

2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be keeping you from going after your dreams.

3. Chat about next steps. If I think that I can help you further, we’ll talk about a customized 1:1 coaching package that’s designed specifically for you.

You’ll leave the session feeling confident and energized by your next steps towards making money in a career that you love.

This will be particularly useful for introverted visual artists who: 

  • Struggle with narrowing down the area of focus with their work.
  • Feel pulled in a million directions and not sure what step to take next.
  • Know deep down they have a unique vision to share, but struggle with self-doubt and fear of criticism because they are highly sensitive people.
  • See themselves achieving greatness and making a real impact with the work they do, but have difficulty following through to create any real results because they get distracted easily or don’t trust themselves enough to follow through.
  • Crave having more structure, but also want to enjoy freedom in their art making practice.
  • Feel isolated and long for a community of like-minded heart-centered creatives that they can share ideas with and feel supported around.
  • Want to feel energized and inspired to do work that is fulfilling, and make good money doing it, but can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen.

Please make sure you are ready to show up 100% during the session and I’ll do the same. Sessions will be scheduled first come, first serve.

Lauryn Hill has 12 years experience in the Fine Art and Publishing industries and is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Energy Healer, and Breathwork Instructor.

She teaches workshops and coaches visual artists who feel stuck and need help on a new business or want to make a career move and are seeking more clarity, direction and confidence to make money doing what they love without burning out.

Lauryn Hill