Digital Design and Graphics Technician

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Digital Design and Graphics Technician


The position listed below is not with Rapid Interviews but with Napa Valley College

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The primary objectives of this position are to assist students with assignments and computer/software operations, assist faculty and provide support services for laboratory and classroom instruction, maintain all lab equipment, and develop and maintain department websites and marketing materials.

Provide Instructional Support
Maintain instructional and student records; check student work and grade papers; maintain inventory of lab items and order replacement stock; follow appropriate lab protocol and enforce lab safety rules; train and supervise student assistants; assist faculty and staff with lab procedures, materials, and equipment.

Provide Programmatic Support
Assist in maintaining the program by providing technical or academic problem-solving and troubleshooting in assigned instructional area. Regularly update department websites. Create and update department marketing materials for community outreach; perform community outreach to increase department visibility and increase enrollment.

Maintain Instructional Technology
Maintain and repair lab computers and peripherals, as necessary. Create and maintain server user profiles. Rebuild all lab computers on an annual basis with latest release of Autodesk and Adobe software packages. Install printer drivers, software updates, and software utilities, as needed.

Prepare Lab Materials
Prepare and distribute lab and instructional materials; assist instructors with development of class/lab exercises; maintain control of equipment; clean and maintain equipment to ensure proper functionality. Order printing materials and computer-related equipment, as needed.

Work with Students
Tutor students, answer questions, clarify assignments; demonstrate and instruct in the use of lab equipment and proper and safe lab procedures; supervise testing; monitor progress; inform instructor(s) of students’ progress.

General Duties
Coordinate general lab and support functions; perform some clerical duties, such as typing and filing; perform other related duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Subject matter terminology, techniques, equipment, and materials used in the instructional area to which assigned, as demonstrated through college-level coursework, experience, and/or other assessment;
Software programs used in the industry, including latest releases of products, such as:Autodesk products (AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, 3ds Max Design), Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver;
Windows Operating Systems from Windows 7 and up;
Basic elements of the learning-teaching process;
General needs and behaviors of students.
Ability to:

Assist with instructional activities, supervise students, and explain lab assignments;
Learn the procedures, functions, requirements, and hardware and software required of the position;
Recognize student progress and take effective measures to enhance continued achievement;
Understand and carry out oral and written directions;
Assist students in the use of instructional equipment;
Tutor in instructional area(s) to which assigned;
Work in campus network and computer-based applications; use in-depth knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs, electronic mail, and the Internet.

Conceptual and theoretical command of designated subject matter.
Job Expectations:

To know and follow safe work practices.
To know and follow district policies, procedures, and guidelines.
To demonstrate sound judgment.
To meet work commitments.
To demonstrate effective work habits and attitudes.
To understand and maintain confidentiality.
To establish and maintain respectful and cooperative work relationships with faculty, staff, students, and the general public.

Supplemental Information
Title 8, USC, Section 1324-A requires verification of eligibility for employment in the United States.

instructional assistant 3
July 2001
Rev & title change June 2013/digital design and graphics technician

The college offers a fringe benefit package including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance, employee assistance program, and public employee retirement system membership.

Information pertaining to specific benefit allotments can be found on the Regular Classified Salary Schedule.

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