LMCC Arts Center Residency

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LMCC Arts Center Residency


The Arts Center at Governors Island is home to year-round artist residency programs for artists working in any discipline. LMCC’s residency programs aim to meet the immediate needs of the artist community we serve, with intention and responsibility toward our shared futures. We are committed to these acts of care and stewardship and throughout the pandemic, have continued to serve, support, and connect artists by providing free, collaborative space for creative development and production within the Arts Center.

The 2022 Arts Center Residency will offer short-term, project-based residencies to artists and creative practitioners whose work is concerned with the broader themes of equity and sustainability. Concurrent to Governors Island’s ambitious plans for addressing climate change and environmental issues in the long-term, the Arts Center Residency encourages creative practices that engage with social and climate justice, NYC harbor history, urban ecology, and water. Artists are invited to explore these thematic anchors with Governors Island serving as a site for research and experimentation. Applicants may choose to address these themes explicitly or elaborate on how their practice and/or projects are relevant.

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