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Professional Development - DEADLINE :  
PlySpace Residency


Application Requirements
Submit one pdf document that includes the following 6 items part of the PlySpace Residency Application.  Also submit a portfolio of 10 works, outlined below.

All application materials must be completed in English by the applicant, without the help of a translator or translation service.

Artist statement: 250-500 word statement about work, practice, and motivation.
Artist C.V.
Professional References: Names and contact information for two professional references.
Anticipated Length of Stay: Residents may stay between 4 and 12 weeks during any single term.
Please indicate your desired length of stay as well as any specific arrival or departure dates, if necessary.

Example: I would like to stay for 10 weeks of the summer term, starting on June 22.
Personal Project Proposal (up to one page) that outlines:

The personal or collective project you want to work on while at PlySpace;
What facilities, equipment, or other resources are necessary to complete your objective?
Community Collaborative Project Proposal (up to one page) that includes the project you would like to complete in collaboration with a community partner. If the content of the personal and collaborative projects overlap, applicants may develop a single proposal that outlines both projects. Please take a look at our alumni profiles for examples of past Community Collaborative projects.

Which community collaborator categories are you interested in working with? Why are you interested in this collaboration? For a list of categories, see: Community Collaborations
What would your community collaboration entail?
How much time will you need to spend on your collaboration in order for it to be successful?
What facilities, equipment, or other resources are necessary to complete your community collaboration?
For more information on these application items, please see Community Collaborations and Application Upload Instructions.

7. Image/File List (one page) Please add one page to the pdf document that has the image details or video details, numbered in the same order as the uploaded files or with thumbnails of the image each description refers to (i.e. image 1, untitled, acrylic on paper, 24” x 36”).

Videos and audio files should be accompanied by url links where the video / audio can be viewed.
Writing submissions should list the writing samples, date of sample, and a brief (1 paragraph or less) synopsis of the sample (what is it?)
Portfolio images, media files, or writing samples are uploaded with the application documents to the submission website. The portfolio should include:

10 images of work or 3 video/media projects or documents or 3 writing samples from the last 5 years.
Work should reflect the type of work that will be pursued during the residency.
See the Application Upload Instructions for file specifications.

Questions? Email

Application Fee: $25 Early Application, $40 Last-Chance
A non-refundable application fee is due with each application submitted through the submittable link. Application fees are paid via credit / debit card; other forms of payment will not be accepted.

We love to get applications early so have instituted a tiered application fee! If you apply before the 25th of the month before the application is due, your application fee will be $25.  If you apply in the last days the application is open before the deadline (26th-1st), your application fee will be $40.

PlySpace is a program of Muncie Arts and Culture Council, a not-for-profit organization. Your application fee directly supports the residency, artists, and community at large. We appreciate your support!

All applicants submit the same materials regardless of whether they are applying as a PlySpace Resident or PlySpace Resident Fellow. For complete submission instructions and specifications see the Application Upload Instructions page.

Fall 2020 Residency – begins early September 2020 and continues through November 2020.
Optional length of stay between 4 and 12 weeks.
Application Deadline: March 1, 2020. Applicants will be notified about the residency decision in early April.

Deadlines for 2021 will be announced later this year.

Notification and Acceptance
Artists will be notified of admission decisions and residency placement within 6 weeks of the application deadline. Acceptance notifications will be accompanied by a response date, by which applicants will need to notify PlySpace of their intention to participate in the residency. If PlySpace does not hear back from the accepted applicant by the response date, their spot may be offered to another applicant. Unfortunately, spaces in the residency cannot be postponed to future terms or years. If an applicant cannot participate in the residency term for which they have applied,  a new application must be submitted during the open call for a future residency term.

Who Should Apply

PlySpace welcomes both emerging and established artists and creatives from a variety of disciplines. Applicants should be dedicated practitioners in their field and able to work safely and independently for the entire residency period to which they are assigned. Applicants should not be enrolled in a degree-granting program at the time of application and must be over 21 years of age. In order to expand and complement the creative resources available within the city of Muncie, Indiana, admission preference will be given to applicants who live and work outside of Delaware County, Indiana. Applicants can submit one application per term.

PlySpace encourages artists and creatives of all backgrounds to apply for admission. PlySpace does not discriminate in its programs and activities against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, disability, HIV status, or veteran status.

Collective Teams

Collective teams of 2-3 individuals can be accommodated and are encouraged to apply. Please submit a combined application and portfolio detailing work that you have produced as a team. PlySpace can admit one collective group for any single residency term. If you require anything other than separate living space and shared studio space, you should indicate this in your proposal. We will assume that collaborative groups will need separate spaces for living. Unfortunately, we can only offer one studio space per application, so collective groups will need to share a single studio.

International Applicants

International applicants are welcome to apply; however, please be aware that all programming is conducted in English and will not have a translator. Applicants must be able to communicate in English with enough fluency to complete their community collaborative projects. International applicants must be able to make their own travel plans to and from Muncie, Indiana, and obtain all necessary Visas and travel documentation as required by their home country and the U.S. The $500 travel stipend is not available for travel outside of the U.S.

Applicants with Disabilities or Service Animals

Applicants with disabilities should contact PlySpace at to discuss accommodation options prior to submitting an application.

Admissions Process
Admission to PlySpace will be determined in a two-step process.

All applications are reviewed by The PlySpace Admissions Panel, a committee who will narrow the field to no more than ten final applicants for review. Membership on this committee will rotate annually and consist of four professional artists and creatives in varying fields and one Muncie-based Arts advocate. The PlySpace Final Selection and Interview Committee will contact references and interview the final applicants. They will also assess community project proposals and place artists in partnership with available community groups. Accepted applicants will be offered either a PlySpace Residency or a PlySpace Resident Fellowship.