Residencias Rhizomaticas Remix 2022: Inhabiting Paradox

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Residencias Rhizomaticas Remix 2022: Inhabiting Paradox


[Rhizomatica #1: Inhabiting Paradox] is an [in-person], experimental, nomadic, performance residency lab led by Estrellx Supernova that centers the healing arts, choreographic excavation, and ritualistic cartographies. Estrellx is seeking to work w/ (5- 13) [BIQTPOC and Allied Creatives*], in each of the following locations, who are interested in crafting performative interventions, digging into durational movement and endurance art practices, ritual, somatic installations, and having conversations around urgent, global, systemic issues. How can pleasure, embodied kinetics and choreographic acts support us with co-creating a regenerative future?


Each cycle will require a minimum of (5) participants to run and will be a unique opportunity to come undone, have heart-centered dialogue, cross-pollinate between practices, beliefs, methodologies, and get creatively messy / inspired. The intention is to cultivate and allow the force of quebrantamiento to flow through our bodies creating space for transmutation, renewal and rebirth. This container is set w/ the ethos that we are already whole and that allopathic approaches to our individual and collective issues require major redesigning. My intention is to engender intimate constellations of care where we balance resting, moving, dreaming, awakening, [alone, and together], where one cohort echo-communicates and leaves traces behind for the next cohort to consume, digest, spit out.


Apply at the website Link.