Writing Between the Vines: Vineyard Retreats for Writers

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Writing Between the Vines: Vineyard Retreats for Writers


Writing Between the Vines offers writers a space to work, a place to create– surrounded by the beauty and majesty of vineyards in locations around the world. Funded through application fees and in partnership with wineries, Writing Between the Vines provides writers the time to focus on works in progress or cultivate new ideas in residencies of up to one week in length at no charge.

How do I apply?

Writers may apply for retreats by submitting the online application form. Writing Between the Vines is open to applicants in all genres including fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, memoir, and poetry. The program also encourages applications from wine, food, and travel writers working on book-length manuscripts. A selection committee comprised of writers, poets, publishers, and editors review all applications and award the retreats.

Do the retreats include instruction or workshop opportunities? Will there be other writers at the retreat?
Writing Between the Vines provides self-guided writing retreats for individuals. No workshop or writing guidance is offered. All retreats are solo unless noted. Some locations are set up as co-residencies with space for two or more writers to work as collaborators or on individual writing projects.

I want to attend a retreat with a writing friend or collaborator. How do we apply for a co-residency?
Select a retreat location that is available as a co-residency. (Each location has the residency type listed under Eligibility Information on the property page.) On the application form check the box for co-residency. Enter the name(s) of the other applicants in the box provided. Each writer must apply individually and include co-resident names. Make sure you all select the same dates and location on your applications!

How much does the retreat cost? What is the Housing Fee?
There is no housing fee. Retreat stays are provided free of charge.

Are Meals and Transportation costs covered?
No. All costs for meals, transportation, and other personal needs are the responsibility of the retreat recipient.

Will I be required to participate in any events during the retreat?
You are free to spend the time at the retreat as you wish. Some locations host reading events and receptions that are arranged between writer and winery host upon confirmation of retreat placement. If desired, winery tours or wine tastings may be arranged directly with your retreat host. When selecting a retreat location, please read the description carefully to determine if a reading or other event will be part of the program.

Can I bring along a Spouse, Friend, or Pet?
No. Retreats are intended for the writer only. No pets, spouses, or non-writing friends are allowed to attend. Depending on the location, some retreats may be set up as co-residencies and allow for two or more writers to apply as co-residents.